Essay About Gender Equality – Avoid Bias

If you’re writing an essay about gender equality, you should be aware that the topic is quite politically charged nowadays. Lots of men and women believe that girls are the gainers of gender equality, which men would be the losers of it. But in truth, the way we see ourselves as gender-wise doesn’t necessarily coincide with how we view the world as a whole.

For example, the widely held belief is that women are the victims of violence at much higher rates than men are. While it’s a fact that women are occasionally brutalized by men in public settings like on streets and in public areas, it’s also true that there are far more female victims of domestic violence than male victims. And that doesn’t indicate that violence against girls is automatically associated with sex discrimination, as many individuals erroneously believe.

Another commonly held belief is that women are poorly educated in the arts and sciences. While it’s a fact that women are severely underrepresented in the fields of engineering and computer science, the two of these jobs have far more job opportunities for men compared to women. Men are far more likely to be practitioners in fields like medicine and law, in which they earn more money and secure higher wages.

The belief that girls are disadvantaged by their sex often comes from the false belief that all professions need a degree. This line of thinking is partially responsible for the continuing lack of girls in some essential professions, like engineering and computer science. When professional degrees do exist, for example medical professionals and dentists, women are far less inclined to possess them than men. The belief that”all careers require a level” is what led to this”glass ceiling” phenomenon, which is allegedly the continuing bias against women in the workplace. (That, however, is simply not true.)

One reason that article writing concerning gender issues can be hard is that people have a tendency to think of sex in terms of biology alone. Biological differences between women and men, after all, are primarily determined by genetic predisposition, so there’s really no way to explain why people are raised in different ways. And biological differences between races tend to be explained away by cultural standards, because cultural standards are correlated with race. When you’re writing an essay about gender equality, you need to be sure that you don’t fall in to this snare. Because although distinct biological traits might account for why men and women are drawn to each other, they have nothing to do with why people see or treat each other the same way.

To illustrate this point, think about how languagerules, and norms differ between cultures that have a strong prejudice against women. When you look closely, you’ll see these cultural rules and norms about sex are connected with the power of man authority, which means that if a person governs more than a community and issues women to violence in the hands of men, that male ruler will likewise be seen as having significant power over his community. The result is that when you write an essay about gender equality, you need to be certain to avoid creating a false binary which suggests men are inherently violent and controlling, and that girls are submissive and passive.

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